Lions Centre, Kervin Bristol missed yesterdays BBL Trophy Final due to being admitted into Newham General Hospital.

Bristol, sensational in the paint all season for the Lions was looking forward to the big match up’s inside with Ashley Hamilton and Matthew Bryan-Amaning but had to shelve those plans when dizziness and an irregular heart beat saw him admitted.

Tests have been ongoing and his health is being closely monitored. It is expected that following final Cardiologist confirmation on Monday or Tuesday he will be passed clear.

Lions boss, Vince Macaulay, was clear after the defeat in the Final, “Missing Kervin shows you that life is all important and we must all do what is right in that regard, we have been in constant touch with him and he watched on telly, we did miss him, of course we did, but we put ourselves in a winning position in the last possession of regulation but we let it get away, I am less concerned about that, I just look forward to the big man returning to practice.”