This weekend, we will defend our British Basketball All Stars title, at home at the Copper Box Arena. Here is a reminder of the rules and regs!.

British Basketball All Stars

British Basketball All Stars is a unique event taking place for the second time after last year’s inaugural event at the O2 Arena. This year it is being held at our home venue, the Copper Box Arena. All BBL teams that achieved a top eight play-off spot from last season will participate.


  • London Lions
  • Bristol Flyers
  • Surrey Scorchers
  • Newcastle Eagles
  • Sheffield Sharks
  • Leicester Riders
  • Worcester Wolves
  • Glasgow Rocks


The competition takes a double elimination format. This means that the winners of the first two matches will move to the next round of competition straight away. If a team loses one of those two first matches, they will have a second opportunity against another losing team. The winners from the four losers will then battle for the final four.

Each match is designed to be fast paced and incredibly intense, with each match being 12 minutes long and with a running clock. Thre are no time out’s like last year, even if the ball goes out of bounds or a foul is called, the clock keeps ticking. Substitutions are rolling for each team, so changes can be made at any moment. Each team also has the chance to use a power play within the first 10 minutes of each match. When the power play is activated, all points scored over the next two minutes are doubled!

Behind the three-point line there is also a gold line. Any shot taken and scored from behind this line scores 5 points for your team!

Each player has a limit of 3 personal fouls in each game, any player committing 3 fouls is out, he can be replaced but not for 30 seconds which means it is a 5 on 4 situation. There is a 4 team foul limit for each match, any foul beyond that gives the other team a point and ball possession. There are no free throws throughout the competition.


Game One: Worcester Wolves

Our first opponent in the competition are the Worcester Wolves who have sharp shooting three point threats in Thoseby and Crawford so these will need to be martialled especially when they are in the Bonus Period.

Up Next

After the first game, depending on the result, if we win we will face the winners of Bristol Flyers vs Surrey Scorchers, a reminder two wins sees you through to the Semi-Finals, a loss there then we have to scrabble for a lucky loser position.

This is such an unpredictable format we shall have to see what happens,  in this new format anyone can catch fire and go on a winning run of games.


Tune into Sky Sports Mix from 1:00pm this afternoon and hang on to your hats!