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London Lions Basketball Academy



New City College is proudly partnered with the London Lions Basketball Club, bringing a unique full-time basketball programme designed to link sports theory with elite standard coaching and league & cup competitions.

The programme is designed for anyone looking to embark on a career in the sports industry; primarily in coaching, training or sports development; giving valuable experience and insight into developing and supporting elite performance.

Students joining this Level 3 BTEC course will benefit from an elite standard of professional basketball coaching delivered by the London Lions’ players and coaching staff. and be involved in league and cup competition, ABL and AOC levels.

Students will receive ten hours per week of basketball coaching and competitive performance plus the theory and industry knowledge required for the qualification.


Attending any campus at New City College allows you to reach out to any of the levels of basketball available.

Epping Forest Campus is the newest addition whilst Hackney Campus has been in the partnership since 2014 but the Hackney College Basketball Academy already boasts seven National Championships for men and five for women.

Apart from the support of the College for the Partnership there are plans to raise additional sponsorship which will go towards increasing coaching staff for the programme and assisting in individual development and fully equipping the boys and girls in the programme with requirements such as kit, bags, footwear and much more.

Former HCC Graduate, Perry Lawson described his time at the College and his path in professional basketball with several others playing the game at the highest level, alumni like Orlan Jackman, Allie Fullah, Darius Defoe and many more.

We are proud of our focus on education and sport and have an exciting vibrant ambiance at the Academy. The partnership with the London Lions allows for a close look at professional basketball and gives our students, male and female a taste of that.

Dedicated Training Times for our students

Individual Development Sessions

Strength and Conditioning

Video Analysis

Medical Support

Study Hall

Are all aspects of our Academy that enable us to aim high in all our endeavours.

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