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  1. Lions Drop Road Opener
  2. Lions Ink Weaver
  3. Bears Provide Tough Test
  5. Lions Return To Action With Win

Press & Photography


Accredited Press Pass

If you are from an accredited Press Association Member (print, online, radio, TV. etc) and you would like a Press or Photography pass, please email the details of your association/company to [email protected] and we will arrange your press pass for collection at the Box Office before the game.

If you have a BBL Press Pass for the Season then you just need to show this to the Box Office when you arrive at the game. There is no need to also email.

Photo Club

For dedicated fans/amateur photographers, there is the option to purchase a Photo Club pass for £25 which covers ticket costs and access to the court area.  Once purchased, please email [email protected] stating which game you would like to attend.

Photography Ticket Per Game