Well we have finally made it to the start of the BBL regular season – Live on Sky Sports.

As we hear sleigh bells in the snow, wash off the last of the sanitisers, prepare for injections, take off our masks and sit in whatever tiers the `government have put us in, you have to gasp as to how we have managed to get to a place where the British game has a team in Europe, funding to assist through the pandemic and a live TV game in an arena owned by the BBL team – wow!

So many people have worked tirelessly since March when the pandemic hit, to keep the hoops flame alive, and before your very own eyes, Cheshire Phoenix, Sheffield Sharks, Newcastle Eagles and your very own London Lions will tip off the season’s League play.

The Sharks and the Phoenix are still putting finishing touches to their rosters, so we may not see final teams although both teams claim they are ready to fire. The Eagles former League MVP, Rahman Fletcher will face the reigning League MVP, London’s finest, Justin Robinson whilst the new;y crowned -layer of the month, DeAndre Liggins has signalled his intent, leading the League in so many categories offensively and defensively.

Both games are cracking as all teams start on ‘0’ who are the top tips. Coach Macaulay has recruited a very deep team with stars in many positions, having qualified for the Cup Quarter-Finals, the squad has started to find its feet despite injuries and absentees.

When you look across the League, those that know will know that challenges will come from Coach Paternostro in Leicester and Coach McLeod in Newcastle whilst the new investment in Plymouth – or Royals II, means there will be some noise from the south west for the first time in a while.

Lots of new exciting players in the League have meant we will certainly see surprises all across the board. Point guard Crandall at Riders, Brit McSwiggin at Wolves, Gordon in Newcastle, Mpondo in Glasgow and Hexom in Manchester to name just a few. The transformation that is taking place in Manchester is fantastic to see, led by Jamie Edwards.

There is so much to be excited about with this BBL season, a lot of it on Sky and the rest of it in the BBL Player app, now adjusted to suit fans better.

It’s a big thanks to all that have worked so hard behind the scenes at all clubs, in the BBL and anywhere that has contributed to the continuation of our game in the worst pandemic in living memory, do sit back, remote in hand, hope for when we can be back in Arena’s but most importantly cheer on British Basketball.

Report; Duncan Hooper, Pic; Carol Moir

Cheshire v Sheffield   Thur 5pm

Newcastle v London Lions Thur 7.30pm

Both on Sky Arena & Main Event