Yoga brand with a difference becomes First Official Wellness Partner of the London Lions

London, UK – The London Lions, the UK’s leading professional basketball club, is thrilled to announce a brand-new partnership with Hotpod Yoga, , a world-renowned yoga studio brand, loved for its gently heated, immersive experience and expert teaching

This partnership marks the first official wellness partner of the London Lions - following strategic partnerships with England’s Three Lions, as well as with England Rugby.

The landmark partnership bolsters the London Lions' commitment towards enhancing its players' overall wellness and performance levels. Under this collaboration, the London Lions’ will engage in private weekly yoga sessions at Hotpod Yoga’s academy in Hackney, with these sessions tailored to meet the specific needs of the Lions players, ensuring that the players receive the best possible support for their physical and mental well-being.

Speaking on the partnership, Jerome Quartey, Marketing Director of the London Lions, said: “Innovation plays a key role when it comes to the rehabilitation, performance, and overall well-being of our players. Hotpod Yoga has a proven track record of working with elite athletes, including England’s Three Lions, and this partnership further highlights our dedication to the betterment of our players. We are excited to see the impact partnering with Hotpod Yoga will have on our players and hope for continued success on and off the court.”

As the London Lions’ first official wellness partner, the innovative yoga brand has the opportunity to be visually present at all the Lions’ games and other official platforms - providing an excellent avenue to connect with a wider audience and showcase its commitment to promoting wellness through yoga and exercise.

'Having worked with a range of leading elite sports teams, this is our first significant partnership in basketball. We've got a great alignment with the team and it's a rare opportunity to work so frequently and closely with both the mens' and womens' teams. This means we'll be able to really have an impact on them - the results of which we'll hopefully all see on the court,' says Max Henderson, CEO and Co-Founder of Hotpod Yoga

This collaboration emphasises the importance of a balanced approach to physical and mental health in achieving peak athletic performance. Both the London Lions and Hotpod Yoga are committed to setting new standards in sports wellness and are excited about the positive impact this partnership will have on the players and the broader sports community.

About London Lions

The London Lions are a premier professional basketball team representing the vibrant spirit of the UK capital. As a dynamic force in the world of sports and entertainment, the London Lions boast a rich legacy of excellence on the court. Committed to fostering community engagement and sporting prowess, the team brings together top-tier talent to deliver thrilling performances and unforgettable moments for fans. Off the court, the London Lions actively contribute to the growth of basketball in the UK and beyond, inspiring a new generation of athletes.

About Hotpod Yoga

Hotpod Yoga is a leading yoga studio with a difference. Hotpod Yoga has created the optimum environment to escape to for anyone looking to stretch themselves out (whether that's physically, or mentally).  All their classes take place inside warm and darkly lit pods and everything from the music you hear to the scent of the room is designed to create an atmosphere like no other. Although the classes are intense and Hotpod Yoga have worked with many elite sports teams, you don't need to be good at yoga - or have ever done yoga - to do Hotpod Yoga. For more information contact


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