Have you heard the news? We’re competing in this year’s EuroCup. We’ve been saying this a lot. Why? We like the way it sounds; It’s a big deal. In fact, EuroCup is one of the most prestigious leagues in European Basketball. We’re going to be boxing out, draining threes on, and blocking some of the best to play the game.

It’s a lot to take in, we know. Let us explain a little bit more. The EuroCup is composed of twenty sharpshooting teams all over Europe. Paris, Gran Canaria, Tel Aviv, Hamburg: you name it, they’re there. There are two groups, which means in total we’ve got 18 group stage games. Yep, you heard that right: 18 more action-packed, globe-trotting games of ball to savour. The top eight teams of each group advance to the knockout stages which is when it all, naturally, heats up. If we get to the final of this thing then we win promotion to the EuroLeague. You know, the league that Luka Doncic got voted MVP of pre-NBA days. The one a young Pau Gasol made his name in. Marc Gasol? Yeah he played there too. No big deal.

It doesn’t stop there, either. BT Sport have agreed a deal with EuroCup and will be broadcasting every game that the London Lions play, as well as the Semis and the Final. This means more and more eyes on your team and British basketball, all over Europe. What can we expect? More dunks, more noise, more buzzer beaters, more dimes, more alley-oops, more ankle breakers, more fingerolls, more blocks, more screens… We’ll stop there, but basically, this is a moment; we’re about to take flight and take on all of Europe, for the better of our game’s future.

This is one of our many first steps into London Lion’s future. Along with our NBA-level signings, this marks the start of a very bright year for us. Domestically, we’re undefeated and look more comfortable than ever in the BBL. We started our Europe campaign this week and have seventeen more group games to go — seventeen more opportunities to make it to the final and make British basketball history.

Ultimately, this is a seismic moment for British Basketball; we’re the first British team to compete in the EuroCup since 2001. Our next game is October 18th. The Copper Box Arena’s first taste of that sweet, sweet EuroCup basketball. We’re looking to keep that unbeaten momentum we’ve built in the league; Ovie, Aaron Best, Josh Sharma  — your London Lions are going to take Europe by storm, so sit back and enjoy the ride. It’s going to be a fun one.


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